To define what you are, you should look back on what made you you. Therefore, the story of Skye is a story built on abilities, experience and ambition. And karaoke nights.

Skye has been singing forever. Ever since she was a little girl, she showed her talents during karaoke nights at a holiday village, supported by her family. Eventually, all of her sisters would join in and they slam-dunked song after song together (yes there is video footage and no you cannot find this online..!).

Then Skye started to take singing more seriously and started taking classical singing lessons. Also, she joined a local musical collective where she played in three musical productions and two dinner shows by the same production team. By now, she really got the hang of it; she co-founded a vocal close harmony group; Vocality.

Skye was looking for more ways to achieve progression. Apart from participating in a local talent show (and finishing second), she started studying her long-time flirt: Jazz music @ DJAM in Amsterdam. After two years of improvising she founded jazztrio The Maple Leaves.

After becoming a mother, she started writing her own songs. In these songs she gives a glimpse of what worries her mind or what is feeding her soul with joy. In some cases they are about a little boy, and in other cases… I better not tell.

Recently Skye started showing up during open mics to try out some of her freshly written songs. After making some appearances in small venues in Vancouver, Canada she is oh so sure; let’s start working on that album! Oh, and some more karaoke nights.