It will be Christmas Anyway (2012)

For this Xmas Xpress project, Skye collaborated with several musicians to record this cheerful song. Anno Nu Media produced this video, which was shot in only one day in the Belgian Ardennes.

Almost like being in love (2012)

With her jazz combo The Maple Leaves, Skye recorded ‘Almost like being in love’ among some other classics.

Am I Forgiven (2011)

During the Muzivaria festivities in Bodegraven, Skye performed several songs. One of her favorites was ‘Am I Forgiven’, an up-beat lovesong originally by Rumer. The video shows a mix of the live performance, as well as footage shot in the gaming arcade later that night.

At Last (2010)

Skye performed the Etta James classic ‘At Last’ during the semi-finals of a Dutch talent show. This performance ensured her spot in the finals.